Gravity DIP Records

CD ALBUM - £8.00

The Steal - s/t
Cat no: DIP 027
Released: Jan 2006


1. Breakout
2. Little Dip
3. World Wide World
4. Libidon't
5. Waiting For The Simple Life
6. The Steal
7. Clothing Rack
8. Stregnth In Community
9. Living For The Weekend
10. Up In Smoke
11. Door To Door
12. New Friend
13. Loudest Voices
14. Wonderstuff
Pounding through 14 songs in just over 20 minutes, 'Gravity DIP supergroup' The Steal's self-titled debut is a fun yet furious assault on the senses. Formed in the late stages of 05, what started as a pet project has turned into what could be one of the most exciting punk releases of the year. Through an energetic combination of storming beats, powerful guitars and socially aware, witty vocals, this record captures the unstoppable energy that is punk rock and churns out voracious positive hardcore in a relentlessly passionate manner. This album is a call to arms from the depths of DIY culture, an effortlessly exhausting reminder that melodic hardcore is still alive and thriving and that life is better when you try to remain 99 per cent positive. 8/10, Rock Sound

Every so often I rather embarrassingly hype a record so much I practically get down on bended knee and propose to it. I haven't done it all that much recently, but if there was ever a time to over-excitedly gush about how great a record is, it would be now. Whatever you do this week, make sure it involves listening to / buying this album. It's basically the best UK release this year bar none, and easily one of the best releases from these shores this Century. Think I'm over-exaggerating? Just give it a listen and prepare to be wowed.

Featuring ex-members of bands such as Twofold, Captain Everything and Lucky Thirteen, The Steal have as high a pedigree as you can get within the UK scene, and as such you'd expect this to be pretty good. You just wouldn't expect this to be quite this good. 'The Steal' is a blistering 14-tracks and 20-odd minutes of melodic hardcore in the style of Lifetime, Good Riddance and 7 Seconds. It's searing, soaring and sumptuous - tracks blast through in little more than a minute, perfectly blending the melodies of a pop-punk record with the blistering drums and riotous guitars of a band like Kid Dynamite.

Every track is pretty much a winner and so if I go through each one individually I'd be here all day - and wasting valuable time you could spend listening to this record. However, the song 'The Steal' is amazing, while 'Breakout' sets the tone perfectly. By the time 'Wonderstuff' comes round, you're left exhilarated. It's 22 minutes in length and never lets up for a second. Simply brilliant.

This is the debut album from one of the best punk/hardcore bands around today. The coming together of four friends steeped in punk-rock history, this album takes it back to their roots with 14 refreshingly welcome aural bursts of anthemic punk.

Drawing on influences from Kid Dynamite, Bouncing Souls, Descendents and Good Clean Fun; it's urgent, catchy, fast, humerous, socially conscious and informative melodic hardcore that is the most exciting punk rock record we've heard in a very long time.

April shows are lined up with Revelation hardcore legends 'Bold' and a tour and split 10" is coming with similarly exciting Californian 6-piece Set Your Goals through June. Look out for a BBC Radio 1 Lock Up Session in the coming months and for their incredible energetic and fun live shows.